I am a stay-at-home mom of three fantastic children.  I have a great husband.  I am also a Christian.  I’m not always a “model” Christian – I believe it’s perfectly fine to have fun and enjoy the life that we were given – but I do know that God is there in the good times and the bad.  With the little things and the big. Second chances are his specialty – I guess you could say he is the ultimate upcycler.

I have always loved to make things-if I can make it, I’m not buying it. It would be a whole lot easier to just go to Target and buy something ready-made, but it is so relaxing to sit down and do it myself-that’s how I escape the stresses and worries of everyday life. My parents are both artistic and musically inclined.  My whole family is creative, so I guess I had no choice – and I’m not complaining.

I’ve recently discovered the wonderful world of upcycling.  How wonderful to take something old, forgotten, maybe even broken and beat up – fix the boo-boos (just like a mom) and bring it back to life as something even greater than before! (especially if it’s made from old costume jewelry and black patent handbags!)


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