Don’t Give Up Your Hobbies!

When I grew up and started a family and a home of my own, and a full-time job on top of it, I quickly fell in love with my kids, my husband and my life.  I also  quickly became tired.  Life is hard all by itself, then we throw in day-to-day stress, drama (everybody has a little drama, right?), responsibilities and we do the best we can.  It can get very hectic and exhausting.  The kids have their activities and school.  You have schedules to keep and people to please.  Since there is only so much time in a day, and a week, and a month, the first thing that went down the drain was my hobby.  I completely stopped drawing and creating things.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t completely stop doing the things you love to do.  I recently, within the last 6 months, started picking up my paintbrush again, and I started making  jewelry.  I immediately started to feel relaxed on a daily basis, just knowing that when I got home, after everything was done that needed to be done, I could sit down and make something.  Whenever I’m stressed or worried about something, or even mad, I get out my supplies and go through them, figuring out what I’m going to make next, and then I do it.  When the rest of the family sees how happy, calm and relaxed I am, humming a tune while I create, the whole house moves in a nice, peaceful rhythm.

I feel like I’ve found a part of ME again.  A part of me that that I had forgotten about.  So whether it’s golf you like, or reading, or gardening, or whatever – take some time out for yourself.  And not just once.  Make it part of your regular routine.  You may not even have to leave the house.  If you love photography, grab your camera and go out back and spend some time taking pictures.  Piddle around in the garage again.  You will be surprised how quickly your little world calms down around you, and an inner peace enters.

Hobbies are good for the soul!  We all have something we like to do.  So if  you are feeling like there’s no time for YOU, there is.  You just have to make that time for yourself.   And if you don’t have a hobby, get one.  There must be something you have always wanted to try, or remember trying long ago.

So grab your fishing pole or your drum sticks or your paint set and have a wonderful, relaxing weekend everyone!


Me, Me Me

I want to just write today about me.  I’m feeling a bit selfish this morning.  So I’m going to take a moment to list all of the wonderful things about me.  (if I don’t do it, who will, right?)  Besides, we all have needs and one of them is to be loved, and I’m a firm believer that if you don’t love yourself…..

So, here goes…..(these are not in any particular order, and you may be able to detect emotions in some of my musings)

I love my thoughts.  I love being inside my own head, because no one else can go there, and I can keep it a secret if I want.  I know I’m a good mom.  No, a great mom!  My kids are happy and loved.  I also have the most amazing, tolerant, patient and hardworking husband in the world.  I think I make cool stuff.  I think I decorate well.  I think I bake well.  I think I’m funny.  I like my style and I like my inspirations.  I love what inspires me.  I know I have something to offer the world, and I know I have talents that God gave me.  I know I can use them to better myself and someone else.  I know it’s not too late to do that.  I know I will succeed.  It may take time, but I know I will.  I know I’m valuable.  I know I’m no better than anyone else.  I know there is much to be learned from people.  Not just important, educated people, either.  There is something to be learned from everyone and anyone.  I am all for animal rights.  If you hurt an animal – 10 years in jail (because in my opinion, if you’d hurt an animal, you’d hurt a person)  If you hurt a child, well-I won’t say on here what I think should be done.

This may not have been the most well-written blog, but I enjoyed rambling  and getting my thoughts out.  Now I can go start my day!  Have a good one!

Just want to say Hello!

I’m new to blogging, or at least having my own blog. Just wanted to yell a big hello to anyone else who may be new on here, or who may have some insight as to how to make my blog stand out more. I’m not sure if I’m doing everything I should be to increase traffic or get seen. I have a new Etsy shop selling vintage-inspired jewelry and art. Everyone says to start a blog, so here I am!