Jolie Rue-Making Jewelry & Art from Vintage Treasures

Hello there, my name is Veronica.  I have a new shop on Etsy (JolieRue)-that means “Pretty Street” in French.   My goal is to increase traffic to my shop, and to promote other shops, artists and stay-at-home artsy and craftsy moms, dads or anyone that just loves to create. I am new to blogging and all of this, so I thought I’d better finally start blogging about it.  I guess once I start blogging regularly and hopefully seeing comments or visits to my site, I’ll get the hang of it!

I want to figure out what successful sellers are doing so that I might be able to eventually have regular sales and success.  I would also love to talk to other people who have the same interests and share ideas and thoughts.  I am a big believer in promoting other people.   Anything I can do to help spread the word about someone’s unique creations, I love to do it.  I just hope I can set up an interesting blog and learn how to use it effectively.  I’ve never had a blog before, so this is way new for me.

I’ll check back tomorrow….if I see that someone read my blog I will be squealing with delight!!!