Me, Me Me

I want to just write today about me.  I’m feeling a bit selfish this morning.  So I’m going to take a moment to list all of the wonderful things about me.  (if I don’t do it, who will, right?)  Besides, we all have needs and one of them is to be loved, and I’m a firm believer that if you don’t love yourself…..

So, here goes…..(these are not in any particular order, and you may be able to detect emotions in some of my musings)

I love my thoughts.  I love being inside my own head, because no one else can go there, and I can keep it a secret if I want.  I know I’m a good mom.  No, a great mom!  My kids are happy and loved.  I also have the most amazing, tolerant, patient and hardworking husband in the world.  I think I make cool stuff.  I think I decorate well.  I think I bake well.  I think I’m funny.  I like my style and I like my inspirations.  I love what inspires me.  I know I have something to offer the world, and I know I have talents that God gave me.  I know I can use them to better myself and someone else.  I know it’s not too late to do that.  I know I will succeed.  It may take time, but I know I will.  I know I’m valuable.  I know I’m no better than anyone else.  I know there is much to be learned from people.  Not just important, educated people, either.  There is something to be learned from everyone and anyone.  I am all for animal rights.  If you hurt an animal – 10 years in jail (because in my opinion, if you’d hurt an animal, you’d hurt a person)  If you hurt a child, well-I won’t say on here what I think should be done.

This may not have been the most well-written blog, but I enjoyed rambling  and getting my thoughts out.  Now I can go start my day!  Have a good one!